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The Sasaki-Kogei rectangular plate in Oak is an all-around piece that serves as a serving tray, a decorative dish, or a contemporary dinner plate. Organic nature, smooth minimalist lines, and exceptional Japanese woodwork make this dish equally decorative and useful. In addition, Sasaki-Kogei's rectangular plate in oak adds an eco-friendly, natural, and healthy element to your dinner table. Use it with other wooden dinnerware products to accentuate the beauty of natural simplicity in a modern environment.

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Sasaki Kogei Single Bottle Wine Rack is a quintessential detail at any sophisticated dinner setting for its aesthetic and functional qualities. This single bottle wine rack is designed to hold your wine bottle at a downward angle to keep the cork wet and prevent oxidation. The ingenuous yet simple and elegant design with an outstanding performance will enhance and create a memorable wine tasting experience.

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The eNproduct coffee Filter Holder in Gold wire-frame is a functional and decorative kitchen accessory that perfectly complements this clever coffee set. The eNproduct Coffee Filter Holder makes a sleek and elegant addition to your coffee routine, and it works best in minimalist and Scandinavian style kitchens and offices. Besides coffee filters, use Gold Coffee Filter Holder to neatly keep in place serviettes, paper napkins, recipe books, or cuttings boards.

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Any serious coffee lover understands the importance of a clever coffee dripper for the most exquisite coffee experience. The eNproduct coffee dipper is a fantastic tool that makes an excellent coffee, and it is also a modern kitchen accessory. Coffee Drippers or Pour Over Coffee Makers are a revolutionary way to prepare a perfect cup of coffee, in a single shot or a pot. This smart wire-frame drip system brings an elegant and functional dripping solution allowing for clarity in your coffee levels.