Blink helps you to budget, save and grow your wealth with personalised advice.

Budgeting tool, Cashback , improve your credit score, P2P Lenting. All the financial support you need in one app

Personalised financial advice

Budget like never before! We offer a personalised budgeting plan and personal money tips to make sure you stay on budget. Stress free :)

Cashbacks to your favourite stores

Get cashbacks and save money to your favourite stores like Adidas, Deliveroo, Amazon and many others

P2P lending between students

We offer P2P micro-loans and help you build your credit score that you can use all around europe!

Invite your friends and get rewards!

We have won many awards!

Seed funding from Cardiff University, 2nd winner at Global Student Entepreneur Awards, Top 10 Start-up for 2023 from National Bank of Greece, Finalists in the competition of the American College of Thessaloniki, in the Final of Santander start up compeition and its just the begin ;)