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How does the CCW Rewards program work?

At Vegas CCW, we can't stand what social media does to companies like ours that are simply trying to help people protect themselves and their families. That's why we created an easy-to-use system that helps "stick it to the man" by allowing our best resource (you) to earn rewards for sharing our program. Once you sign up for CCW Rewards, our software does all the work for you. Once you hit your points, we automatically issue your reward (a Free CCW or a full CCW Rebate).

Gale and Kurt Weeks

My husband and I are fortunate to know a lot of locals with our real estate business. It was very, very easy for us to get our CCW Rewards because Vegas CCW also gives such a great class.

Mike and Lisa Boorman

With 8 kids all grown up, this was super easy for us! Seriously, most people know a just enough like-minded people to get the rebate. Just do it. It's super easy.

Ron Diaz

I run my own coffee shop and got enough referrals in a few days to get my CCW Rebate. What a great idea to get more people in the CCW community!