Energize & Win: Giveaway 免費送出 The PowerCapsule 5000

Stay charged on the move with PowerCapsule 5000, the lipstick-sized power bank that packs a! Its compact design and sturdy aluminum casing make it the perfect travel companion. Choose between USB Type-C and Apple Lightning connectors. 隨時隨地保持充電,使用 PowerCapsule 5000,這款唇膏大小的行動電源,能提供驚人的電力!其緊湊的設計和堅固的鋁外殼使它成為完美的旅行伴侶。可選擇 USB Type-C 和蘋果 Lightning 連接器。

Introducing GenieTec's PowerCapsule 5000 - The Lipstick-Sized Power Bank with a Mighty Punch! 唇膏大小的移動電源,卻擁有強大的能量!

Are you tired of your devices running out of juice at the most inconvenient times? Meet the PowerCapsule 5000, your ultimate on-the-go power solution that fits right in your pocket or purse! This revolutionary mini power bank combines portability with power, ensuring you never face a drained battery again. 厭倦了在最不方便的時候設備沒電嗎?來認識 PowerCapsule 5000,您的終極隨身行動電源解決方案,完美地放入您的口袋或手袋!這款革命性的迷你行動電源結合了便攜性和能量,確保您再也不會面臨電池耗盡的問題。