There are 15.5 million Menopausal Women in the UK. That's over a Third of the UK's Female Population and 1 billion women worldwide that feel disregarded, neglected and underserved. This also has an impact on their family, friends, colleagues and employers. For further information and to Win 2 MONTHS OF MENO ANGEL Natural Menopause Support Supplements register below (winner to be announced 1st September 2022):

Night Sweats & Hot Flashes

The Top Symptom of Menopause. Night Sweats & Hot Flashes can come and go in waves at any time of day or night. Avoid caffeine and alcohol as these raise the bodies natural temperature. For more useful free tips Sign Up to join our program.

Mood Swings, Anxiety & Irritability

The fluctuations in oestrogen and progesterone in the body can lead to low dopamine levels leaving you feeling anxious, irritable & depressed. Such feelings can have an impact on relationships at home and work. There are natural ways to raise dopamine levels with/without the use of HRT.

Brain Fog, Fatigue & Memory Loss

Many women notice it's more difficult to concentrate or recall common things in daily life. 60% of women experience cognition issues, like short-term memory loss. Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your memory both now and in the future. Sign up to Find out More.