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The Rewards

We are giving away 5000 free microdosing strips of our premium psilocybin truffles from the Netherlands. You can claim up to 3 free strips! If you refer 5 friends you also get access to our Microdose Course by neuropsychologist Djai Baaten and our microdosing app. Ideal for beginners!

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As a thank you for our community, we will do something extra special this year. Our main reward is a complete wellness retreat to Bali. If you refer 15 friends or more, you will automatically enter the Bali poule, and next month, we will randomly pick the winner from this poule. There will be 1 winner. If you refer 15 friends, you will enter the Bali poule once. For every 5 extra friends, you will enter the poule another time. So if you refer 15 friends, you will enter one time. If you refer 20 friends, you will enter two times, if you refer 25 friends you will enter three times, and so on. This retreat covers your flights, stay, and retreat access, up to €3000 total expenses.

Felicia, The Netherlands

Amazing experience, felt more in tune with my emotions the whole day. It shuts up the "I gotta, gotta" voice for me!

Janina, Belgium

I was skeptical in the beginning but I have to say that it has brought me so much positivity in life! Thanks Microdose Pro for the great service.

Ilia, Ireland

Very easy company to work with and they provide lots of support along the journey :)

Sigfrido, Spain

Great for productivity and workflow.

Barry, Ireland

So far, it’s been interesting, I enjoy the experience on small doses, I feel it calms me down and makes me more aware of people and my interactions with people.

Annika, Sweden

I’ve just got started but felt great effects at once. More calm, can easier plan and do things. Just a feeling of harmony. Fantastic!

Jonathan, Greece

My focus has improved and I'm finding myself consistently less stressed. Great product and great follow up.

Elena, Italy

I have been microdosing for a little over a month and I already am experiencing a higher quality of life which I never imagined. I feel calm and focused and definitely happier everyday, I find that I am more in tune with my body and my spirit and definitely more proactive towards my goals and desires. I wish everybody on this planet would start microdosing today, the world would be a much lovelier place! I would suggest Microdose Pro for the great service, for the extensive information and tutoring they provide through the newsletters and other platforms that connect you with other microdosers. Thank You!

Beata, Poland

I already spoke about microdosing to a few friends of mine. I noticed a big difference in my mood in the last couple of weeks, my sleep is getting better, and my approach to life - more peaceful. All in all - a very positive experience for me.