Your Generative AI Investing Copilot!

TOGGLE AI, a leader in the machine learning space, is revolutionizing both the investing and generative AI spaces with the introduction of our chat interface.

We marry cutting-edge chat UX, with TOGGLE's propriety, award-winning AI. With the help of our real-time, institutional-grade data, investors can get immediate answers to their burning questions.

At TOGGLE AI, we've been leveraging AI for investors since Day 1. AI powers our idea generation, statistical analysis, sentiment on news, alerting systems, and it's being used by over 100,000 investors.

TOGGLE AI is bridging the same gap in modern financial markets at this crucial inflection point. We believe everyone should be able to leverage our AI with technology that is already here.

Ask all your investing questions

From giving an overview of Tesla to what companies benefit from the IRS EV tax changes, get the simple, concise answers within seconds.